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Trying out git-submodule

Git Snippet

Posted on Aug 2


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0-1 Knapsack Problem Sample Implementation

C++ Algorithm Snippet

Posted on Aug 1

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Some Practice Examples of Range Minimum Query (RMQ)

C++ Algorithm Snippet

Posted on Jul 31

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Setting up Python virtualenv with virtualenvwrapper on Ubuntu/EC2

Python Snippet

Posted on Jul 11

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Building and Installing Ruby with rbenv on Ubuntu/EC2

Ruby AWS Ubuntu rbenv

Posted on Jun 16

Below are some excerpts of my command history when I set up the rbenv to install ruby and some gems.

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Starting a Blog with Middleman

Ruby Middleman

Posted on Jun 3

Blogging with a static site generator seemed easy to me, but there were a couple of steps just to start blogging. I selected Middleman as the blogging framework and wrote rough notes below of the steps required to generate this page. The following procedures are of course very specific to this site.

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