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JavaScript Port of Computational Substrate of Jared Tarbell

Generative_Art JavaScript HTML Canvas

Posted on Jul 7

My attempt to port the computational art work done by Jared Tarbell in JavaScript.

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Short Example of Logstash Multiple Pipelines

Logstash Elasticsearch Kibana Filebeat Elastic Snippet

Posted on Aug 25

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Greedy Set Cover Sample Implementation

C++ Algorithm Snippet

Posted on Aug 18

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Latin Square and Sudoku Solver Using SAT Solver (JavaScript logic-solver)

JavaScript Sudoku Math Combinatorics Latin_Square Puzzle SAT Solver

Posted on Nov 24

Latin squares and Sudoku programatically generated are show below. These are screenshots of web apps created using JavaScript and a SAT solver library.

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Making a Menger Sponge with BeetleBlocks

3D Graphics BeetleBlocks Visual Programming Fractal

Posted on Sep 3

My step by step process of making a Menger Sponge of level 3 using BeetleBlocks, a visual programming environment for 3D design that everyone can enjoy via the Web browser:

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Making a Simple Image Viewer using React and Express

Wikipedia thumbnail image viewer React Redux react-router Bootstrap Express Node JavaScript

Posted on Aug 13

A simple app written as my own hands-on exercise to get a quick grasp of React, Redux and react-router following some tutorial sites:

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Cytoscape.js powered Interactive Graph Visualization of WordNet Synsets

JavaScript graph visualization NLP WordNet

Posted on May 6

Cytoscape.js is a JavaScript library for graph visualization that enables rendering network structures on a web browser. The official site has some demonstrations that show its capabilities. I was fascinated and started playing with its easy-to-use API.

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Browsing Task Dependencies in the Rakefile of mruby using jsTree

Ruby mruby JavaScript

Posted on Dec 22

Building mruby is not just about compiling C sources and linking objects together but also contains some nontrivial steps like invocation of mrbc that is also built with the mruby build system. The Rakefiles of mruby are not easy read. To get a better grasp of what the task dependency structure looks like, I had to create a visual aid below.

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Inspecting the Retransmission Behavior of the Mosquitto MQTT Broker with GDB

GDB Debugging MQTT Mosquitto Network Protocol

Posted on Oct 6

I just wanted to actually see how the Mosquitto MQTT broker retransmit packets when a communication is interrupted and confirm the effect of the retry_interval config variable. Steps are as follows.

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Example of read_until parameter of BinData::Array

Ruby Snippet BinData

Posted on Aug 5

BinData is a Ruby Gem that can be used to parse and write binary data in a declarative way. Unlike structs in C language, which can only define static binary structures where sizes of fields are fixed, BinData provides a way to define a variable sized...

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